Update: April 26

All assignments and presentations have been completed and uploaded or linked.  See the Research Seminar Page or Teacher as Researcher Page for more info!


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Update: April 19

My research group has completed our powerpoint presentation and article review final paper.  It is uploaded to the Research Seminar Page. 

Missy M. and I will be uploading the link to our Prezi presentation next week for our Teacher as Researcher project. 

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Update_ March 20

I have completed comp exam part 1 and uploaded the final draft on the Research Seminar Page.

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Update – March 17

I am pleased to be able to see the growth and achievement of my students so far this year based on the final ERSIs, spelling inventories, running records, and writing samples.  I am looking forward to analyzing my data with my partner and discussing it with Dr. Trathen.

I have uploaded Article Reviews 3 and 4 recently.  I am working on the last part of my Comp Exam 1 and will be uploading it (and emailing it to Dr. Trathen) in the next couple of days!

The coursework, reflections and writings,  and research that I have so far completed this semester have really been a rewarding way to bring together all that has changed me as a professional in the last three years.  I am thrilled with all that I have learned and how I have transformed as a teacher.

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Update – March 7

I made the recommended changes to the first part of my exam.  I have been working this week on the Reading Instruction section and have uploaded the new document.  It is located on my Research Seminar Page 🙂

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Update – March 1

I uploaded my current work on the Comprehensive exam part 1.  It is on my Research Seminar page.

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Updates: February 26

I have recently updated the blog, finalized all articles to be reviewed, uploaded the review of the article by D. Morris, and updated the progress on my data collection for the Teacher as Researcher course.  Please visit the individual pages to see updates.

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